Medical Videos for Trial Exhibits

Our award-winning videos deliver the essential information you need to explain particular pathologies and treatments.

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Simplify Complex Medical Concepts

Each video averages two to three minutes long, using colorful visuals and sharp, 3d renderings. And, the information in most videos is delivered at a middle-school grade reading level for clarity.

Affordable and Quick

License a ViewMedica video from our library of more than 1,200 videos for $400. We’ll send you a digital video file that can be played on any computer and displayed on video screens for courtroom, deposition, arbitration or other legal proceeding.

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ViewMedica videos are produced by Certified Medical Illustrators with post-graduate degrees. They have the training and experience needed to accurately explain complex medical information.

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ViewMedica videos give you a quick and effective way to explain complex medical information.

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We have a large number of medical illustrations that are also perfect for courtroom use. Each illustration is available for quick download from our Stock Medical Image library.

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