Create a YouTube Video Item

YouTube Videos are a simple and effective way to add your practice's own touch to your ViewMedica.

From the Custom Content Library

1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click ViewMedica's Custom Content icon to open your Custom Content library listing.

2. Custom Content is divided up into three Content Types: Text Slides, Image Slides and Video Items. Select "Video Items" to see the list of your Custom Content Videos.

3. If you already have one or more Videos, you will see them listed here. At the top of the list, you'll see a "Create New Video Item" button -- click this to create a new Video.

5. Give the Video a Title. This title will be seen in the ViewMedica menu system. Use a descriptive name so you and your patients can easily find it in your ViewMedica menu.

6. Now enter the YouTube identification code for the video. Hit the "Preview" button to make sure the code is correct and view what your Video will look like.

How to get the YouTube code: Go to your YouTube Channel. Select the video you want to use. Select the "Share" tab near the Like buttons and copy the text field that starts out "". That's the identification code you need to paste into the ViewMedica Custom Content Video editor.

7. Hit the green "Save" button. Now you will see the Video listed.

Some YouTube Video Settings You Need to be Aware of

As long as your YouTube channel uses the standard default video settings, your videos should run fine in ViewMedica. But a couple settings will break the way your ViewMedica works.

1. ALLOW EMBEDDING: By default this is checked on. That's good. If you do not allow embedding, the video will not play in ViewMedica. You can find this setting in the video's Advanced Settings on YouTube.

2. PRIVACY: By default, your YouTube videos are made Public, which means that everyone in the world can watch them. That's good. If you change this setting to Private, the video will not play in ViewMedica. You can find this setting in the video's Basic Info on YouTube. A third option for privacy is Unlisted, which means anyone, even ViewMedica can play this video -- but the link to the video will not show on your YouTube channel.

3. ADS: If you do not want ads to pop up over your videos, you need to go to your YouTube Settings and then to Additional Features to get your Channel Settings/Advanced. There you will be able to select "Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos." Note: This will not work if you do not have the ability to "Monazite" a video. See YouTube support for more information on disabling ads.

4. SMART DEVICES: For some tablet devices and smart phones, VMcast looping and the Play-all feature for Presentations are not fully supported when YouTube videos are used.